Making a Impromptu trip back to East Coast.

As I was sitting a what is now considered my favorite park in Vegas and meditating, I was told “Hey it’s time to head to the east coast” I wrestled with that for a couple of minutes and realized, isn’t this the reason I decided to start this journey? Being able to pick up and move to a different place without any sort of restrictions what-so-ever?

Even though my plan before this was to stay in Vegas until mid-January, and then head to New Orleans before Mardi-Gras, I slowly begin to remember that I am more than capable to drive right back to after my visit to the east coast or visit it again another time. I never realized how conditioned I had become to feeling like I was stuck to stay in one place for a specific amount of time until this moment.  And granted for the first hour or so as I begin my drive many thoughts flowed through my mind of not only myself in the beginning stages of this journey but of so many others who have or are still going through this dilemma. My thoughts changed from that of sadness that so many of us have gone through life this way feeling like they have to wait for this or that to happen before they are able to finally jump into this journey of pure freedom and bliss, me being one of the many.

I still at times struggle with thinking what others might feel about me doing this, but again realize, I have to do this for not only my mental well-being, but for my spiritual and happiness as well. I’m working on not limiting myself to having to feel like I need to stay put in one location for months at a time and knowing that I am more than capable of returning back to that location at another time.

My journey is just beginning and I am looking forward to the many new possibilities that lay ahead of me.




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