My Time in the Grand Canyon

This time at the Grand Canyon has by far been one of the most serene moments in my life. To have this opportunity to work,live and play here where I see daily many come to visit briefly for a weekend or a week. I realize that is truly not enough time for anyone to fully immerse themselves in all of the amazing features,tours and more this place has to offer. Not only the Grand Canyon itself but the surrounding spots as well. Like in my previous post I myself didn’t really take full advantage of all the activities offered here not only due to just keeping to myself but also because of my work schedule.

I will make sure to stop at these places in the future and fully enjoy it all. I have overcome many things over the years but my one biggest hurdle that I am extremely proud of myself for accomplishing was my fear of getting too close to big bodies of water. During my one town recreation trip to the beautiful Sand Hollow State Park, I was presented with the offer of riding a jet-ski with fellow co-workers. Honestly, I hesitated for almost an hour as I watched safely from the edge of the water at everyone else speeding through the water enjoying themselves. My turn to decide was finally determined when a fellow co-worker was also scared to go on it. So I bravely suggested that we both go together.

I finally took a deep breath and climbed onto the jet-ski, informed my other co-worker that this is my first time, I can’t swim so please don’t go too fast. As we took off, a huge weight was lifted off of me and I felt that sense of freedom and serenity that I have never felt before. It was so amazing that I actually asked him to go further out into the water and a bit faster. He did and took us way across the lake to some islands on no where near land. I got off and sat on the rock and looked out over the water and broke down crying. My emotions fell over me so fast that I didn’t get time to try to control them. I just overcame one if not my biggest fear in my life and it felt so freeing.

So much came to light in that brief moment that I knew then that My fears no longer control me and I know that I can and will accomplish anything I set my mind to no matter what others nor that little voice in my head says.



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