At a temporary yet en-lighting standstill!

So it's been a little over a month or so now since I have started my new life and adventures as a van dweller. I started where I purchased my van named, Silver Surfer and I posted in Las Vegas for a couple of weeks.  From there as noted in my previous blog, I headed … Continue reading At a temporary yet en-lighting standstill!


Making a Impromptu trip back to East Coast.

As I was sitting a what is now considered my favorite park in Vegas and meditating, I was told "Hey it's time to head to the east coast" I wrestled with that for a couple of minutes and realized, isn't this the reason I decided to start this journey? Being able to pick up and … Continue reading Making a Impromptu trip back to East Coast.

Taking time to reflect

When I first began this blog in 2017, I was on the way to start living my dreams of traveling,learning and earning on the road with so many others who had finally decided that enough was enough living the rat race lifestyle. Unfortunately, that thing called life hit me very hard and I lost many … Continue reading Taking time to reflect

Who is Phoenyx Rysing?

Hello and welcome to my blog. Phoenyx Rysing is a new part of myself on a new journey that I am beginning. If you know of the Zodiac sign Scorpio and the different levels that the transition through during their lifetime then you will understand the name. A little more about me though, I am … Continue reading Who is Phoenyx Rysing?

Kesha….. the one-of-a-kind exhibit

Experience Identity and Race through the eyes of a Black Female at the Jax Makerspace Gallery is at the Main Library through April 23. Through photography, videography, sculpture, textile art, 2D art and more, 14 black female artists will depict their interpretation of black femininity, ethnicity, identity, and stereotypes.